Android's best kept secret


Not your average podcast app...

  • Your favourite podcasts delivered to you automatically.
  • Lots of options to import your podcasts.
  • Extensive podcast shows.
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Loads of powerful features to help you on your way...

MyPOD is made for the avid podcast fan but also to be easy for newbies ...

  • Auto Update / Download to your device
  • Remote management via web interface
  • Audio / Video podcasts
  • Stylish & Powerful UI
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  • Hours of enjoyment await! Just keeps getting better and better. Lots of options for the most advanced users, but easy enough for a novice. The developer is very responsive, and feedback is welcomed.

  • I've been using MyPod since I first spotted it in the store. Bought it and joined the beta test program. For the naysayers I must ask if they fully understand just what "beta program" means and asks of those involved. Two word negative ratings don't help either the users or developers. This is my get me through the day app! Cancer Sucks!

  • Have been using this since v1 and still love it. Be aware this version is in beta so still being bug fixed but even so best one I've used and fixes happen quickly if you let them know what's happening. I love the control you have and that you can organise it all from your device no need to plug into a computer to update episodes.

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