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Welcome screen
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The welcome screen lets you drill-down into all the functionality of MyPOD.
Screen overview

Click on an element on the screen to see what it does, otherwise scroll down to go to the overview.

The home screen

Items on this screen

Player - there are two players, a foreground and background - it is good for listening to podcasts where one is voice and one is music. for most functions short press goes to foreground player and long press goes to background player - you don’t have to use the background player, just some people like it - it depends what you listen to.

Feeds Management, this screen is where you view, update, delete and manage the feeds you have added, you can also add website URLs.

Add feeds
Search for feeds(podcasts), there are also lots of other different ways to add feeds here

Down-loaded files
Manage downloaded files(podcast episodes)

Manage files(episodes) currently downloading - this is were files being downloaded are held until they arrive

Manage your playlist

Click to check for feed updates, this is just a link to trigger the feed update checker

Here are ways to get the full version, which gives you unlimited feeds

Help Video.
This is the help video, when you click it the first time it will start to download the video, after the video had downloaded clicking it again will launch the help video (the help video launches in portrait mode and look like the app is being controlled automatically)

Change application settings, as well as links for feedback and to check for updates

Remote Service
The remote service lets you control MyPOD from your desktop (over WIFI only), you can also download and stream podcasts on your device to other media players and consoles (PS3, etc)

Launch this help

Shows MyPOD news and release information (contains release notes and other ongoing information)
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