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The view feed screen shows the podcast episodes - you can stream or download files here. This is for manually downloading episodes of a feed. For automatic downloading see the edit feed page

This screen is a browser window, so you can also drill into the feed website and download additional files from there if there are any available. You can zoom just like in the standard android browser...
Screen Overview
Episode title
Episode description
Background stream
Episode URL
More Episodes


This buttons downloads te episode (opens Download options)

This will stream the file to the foreground player, there is a know issue that the screen freezes while the file initialises (maybe up to a minute or two!! sorry )
More Episodes
Click on these rows to open the episodes description - the Stream / Dl button will appear

These are extra zoom controls, the zoom level is in the middle is remembered and restored the next time you use the browser

Shows the Info view

Adds the feed (goes to Edit Feed) - This only works if the feed was viewed via the Feed Finder

Exit the browser (returns to View Feeds)

Download options
When you hit the download button, the option dialog appears.

This dialog allow you to modify the episode title and also set the options for downloading:
    download on power : only download when the device is connect to power (USB or mains).
    download on WIFI : only download when WIFI is available.
The power / WIFI options are remembered, and will be the same when you next manually download an item.
Title Edit

Info view
The info view gives information about the current page - you can enter a URL here or click on a row in the history and the URL will be loaded when you hit the back button
URL entry

Known issues
1. Page hangs when starting a streamed file. It does come back eventually, but might take a few minutes depending on how quickly the server returns the file.
Solution: You might see a wait/force close box (choose 'wait' to wait for the file to play)...
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