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Android uninstall

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When you tried everything else and there still seems to be problems there is always the inglorious reinstall.

It's a simple procedure, here's how it goes:
1. Go to Settings>Sync/Backup/Restore (link).
2. Press Backup - this save a feed only backup to sdcard/MyPOD_backup.opml ( KEEP THIS FILE !! )
3. Press Clean - this wipes the database and the app drectory.
4. You can now uninstall the app using android settings below
5. Re-install via your market/appstore
6. If you have the unlock app open it and unlock again.
7. When you start the app up, you should be prompted to restore your feeds. You can also press the Restore button in Settings>Sync/Backup/Restore

Android uninstall
1. Go to Android Settings>Manage Applications
2. Find MyPOD and press.
3. Hit uninstall.