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MyPOD will upgrade
MyPOD V2 will upgrade is delayed till 14 June 2014. (for Android 4.x only) - we had some more user feedback to integrate.

If you want to keep using MyPOD V1 then click here to see how ...

Otherwise ... stay happy.

Change Log
v0.995.42 (23/5/14)
- V1 Switchover functions - to keep using MyPOD V1 see here

v0.995.40 (8/5/14)
- V2 Import functions (use the setup wizard in v2)
- clean up feed images

v0.995.38 (19/4/13)
- feed limit increased to 1000 to aplogoise for V2 delays. It's still coming .. i promise !!!

v0.995.37 (27/2//13)
- more preparation for v2 migration.
- update bugtracking

v0.995.36 (19/1/13)
- fixed home screen lockups
- preparation for v2 migration.

v0.995.35 (19/12/12)
- exception fixes as raised.
- Made existing v1 app available for download for anyone who wants to continue using with no interruption.

v0.995.34 (16/10/12)
- exception fixes as raised.

v0.995.33 (7/9/12)
- enable lockscreen player in settings>player.
- close button show on help.
- make update all (long press on home>updates) work after network login.
- stop updater changing feed type.

v0.995.32 (7/8/12)
- lockscreen enabling for player and playlist.
- bugfixing.

v0.995.31 (18/7/12)
- bugfixes in playlist.

v0.995.30 (18/6/12)
- IMPORTANT:UPDATER FIXES - if you had updater/downloader problems reset your feeds.
Settings > Update settings > Reset Feeds Updater
- Page numbering on view feed.
- Fixed a problem with backup files not encoding quotes.
- Clear new entries after viewing feed, I reverted this back so viewing the feed clears it now.
- There is an option in edit feed > title/type settings (click the feed title) > "Use desktop User-Agent" to send a Firefox user-agent string, a few feeds are having problems with this, as I enabled redirects in 995.28.
- MyPOD send/share in feeds and files options dialogs.
- Exception fixes.

v0.995.29 (9/4/12) - (re-released 11/4/12)
This release addresses some download issues:
- Fix for downloads from some content providers. experimental.
- This should make more feed download correctly - but PLEASE let me know if your feeds stop working i.e. they don't download ...
- Fixes for feed image downloading.
-> View Feeds > select feed > INFO > Send >

Other stuff
- updates no longer clear when the feed is viewed, use options > "clear new flag" instead.
- Divider madness.
- More tweaks to notification colors.
- Change edit feed to make the settings more obvious.
- bugfixing and minor layout changes.

v0.995.28 (13/2/12)
This release addresses more layout problems on larger screens:
- Modify to make buttons larger.
- Back hides top nav menu.
- Notification color, I have defaulted to white on a dark bg, which looks out of place on a lot of gingerbread phones, there isn't a good way to do it unfortunately, grumble.

v0.995.27 (13/2/12)
This release addresses layout problem on ICS and tablets:
- Modify layout for large screens.
- dropdown navigation in topleft corner.
- Fix text wrap on ICS.
- Player bug fix for lost position.
- Analytics.

v0.995.26 (29/12/11)
IMPORTANT: there are a couple of bugs introduced in this released.
BUG1: view feeds and downloaded files dont link to the right functions, workaround: USE THE OPTIONS MENU to access the right function (e.g. load feed, play file)
this is fixed on market (do an update), this should affect amazon appstore users.
BUG2: (Android 1.5 eclair users only) cannot access view feeds, downloaded files, no workaround. This is fixed today 3 Jan 12.
- Auto add to playlist.
- Facebook posting.
- Bugfixing.

v0.995.25 (30/09/11)
Sorry just another Bug fix release, bigger changes on the way soon(ish) - but at least it works better:
- download redirect (307) fix.
- fix problems with feed finder.
- fix position on widget.
- Exception fixes(10).

v0.995.24 (28/06/11)
Bug fix release:
- Lost position bugs should be fixed.
- Fix crash when downloading file from standard browser.
- Other exception fixes.

v0.995.23 (18/05/11)
- Tweaks and bugfixes for honeycomb devices.
- Some more downloader bugfixes.
- Some social networking links for FaceBook and Twitter.

v0.995.22 (03/05/11)
- This is a bugfix release for a few high priority bugs.

v0.995.21 (20/4/11)
This is a bugfix release only.
- Back but override for feedfinder.
- Update notif not opening app.
- Unlock check in player to stop ads showing if enter form notif
- Update current playlist item be correct after deleting or adding items. (move up or down depending on before or after).
- Reverse order flag for feed.
- Other bugfixes.

v0.995.20 (8/4/11)
- Beef up downloader.
- Media library sync.
- Download screen tweaks.
- bugfixes.

v0.995.19 (28/3/11)
- Ads (sorry) the free limit has been raised to 10 to compensate.
- Partial download resume.
- Progress bar in notification.
- Updater bugfixes and power/wifi options (default is update on power and wifi only).
- Unlocking on non-phone devices (e.g. Archos).
- Import from other MyPod instance (via webservice).
- Auto backup feeds (hardcoded 2 days).
- widget touchup.
- some fixes for better display on tablets.
- standard browser integration (feeds, audio, video files).
- Google reader import shows folders .
- New help.
- Option in downloaded files to launch files in other players (in options menu).
- Streaming dialog on view feed page.
   - Lots of Preferences (change in settings).
   - show downloaded notification.
   - background player enable (default disabled).
   - pause player on headset removal.
   - update power/wifi options.
- Indicate button is long pressable (pink ring).
- lots of bugfixes.

v0.995.18 (6/3/11)
- fix downloads for gingerbread.

previous versions
please see the news feed

Current Known issues
1. Some database problems with Samsung devices - causing intermittent crashes - which is a bit hard since i don't have a Samsung device.
- if you would like to help out in testing then get in touch. see testing page or email us]]

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