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Screen Overview
This is the default screen for the player if the "enable background player" option is checked in settings, then the background player appears at the top - the controls are the same as for the foreground player.

Feed Graphic
Seek Back
Seek Fwd


Skip back, long press allows you set the skip time

Plays the audio if there is a track loaded

Pauses the audio if playing, long pressing the button unloads the media (equivalent to stop)

Skip forward, long press allows you set the skip time
Buffer/ position
if a file is streaming the %buffered is shown (green, top-left of box) the current position duration is shown top-right.

drag the slider to set the position.

Selects the next track from the playlist

Selects the previous track from the playlist

Go to the playlist

Background player
You have enable the background player in settings

The background player allows you to play music in the background of a voice podcast - I think it makes voice podcasts less boring.
Why have two players?
As I was developing the app I always had a desire to be listening to music while I was listening to a voice podcast so I would play music in the background, and I found some music podcasts be a bit non-engaging by themselves. So I though I would try out the concept. I think it adds a feel when you are listening to different podcasts so I kept it.

You don't have to use it and probably I will put a config in in future to enable as its not for everyone - but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. I would like to add more to streamline the process like a voice filter - to make it a bit more manageable.

Some things to remember when using both players are:

    - The background podcast should be all music and the foreground should be mainly voice - it gets a bit confusing it two voices or two musics are playing at once.
    - the music podcasts level generally needs to be quite low as music has signal power over a lot more frequencies. the background player's volume slider is customised to have finer adjustment for the volume at low levels.
    - When the second file streams the UI gets a bit frozen while the file buffers - it can take about 30secs to get back to normal (I am working on it!)

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