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Getting started

Welcome to MyPOD, you can get to this help by pressing menu > help from all the screens.

This help works like the standard browser so you can change the text size by pinch-zooming.

You can pop-out this page in the normal browser by clicking on the ellipsis (...) in the top-right corner and pressing the diagonal arrow. Then you can switch between the app and help by long pressing the home button.

The first page is the welcome screen, you can drill-down to all the other screens from here.

Brief Introduction:
Step 1: Add some feeds
From the home screen (press the topleft logo):
1. Select Add feeds/websites.
2. Enter some text you want to search for ...
3. Click the search button.
4. Some feeds will display you can click on each row to view the description.
5. There are two buttons:
    lets you view the feed
    lets you add the feed to your feeds list.
6. add the feed to your feed list - allows you to set the automatic feed updating and tracking.

Step 2: View and download files
From the home screen (press the topleft logo):
1. Press "View feeds" ()
2. Select a feed (press the row)
3. Hit "load feed" () (feed loads ...)
4. Pressing a row shows the download button ()
5. Check the settings on the popup and press "Download".
PS: you can also stream files here by pressing the stream button ()

Step 3: Play downloaded files
From the home screen (press the topleft logo):
1. Press "Downloaded files" - (you must have downloaded some first!! see Step 2)
2. Select a file (press the row)
3. Hit the play button - goes to the Player

Plea for mercy...
We need your help ... if you like MyPOD then please spare a second to give us a favourable comments on the market (there is a shortcut in preferences > check for new version).

Also, I do understand how frustrating it can be when things don’t work the way you expect. Having so much functionality in one app makes it tricky. If you have frustrations then just email me (fedback email), and we can see what the issues are, and I can improve the app, the frustrated comments left on the market are generally too brief to be useful...
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