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Screen Overview
The feed must be checked before it can be added - if the Feed URL is present then a check will be initiated on screen entry. the check feed () let you manually trigger a check. Note you need to have a network connection to check (some funny things can happen if you don't)

So if a feed already exists it doesn't get checked, otherwise it need to be checked the description /title will be empty until the feed is checked the first time.

Feed URL
Download Directory
Auto-Update Options
Feed login
Check Feed

Title / Type
The feed title & type, available after checking (see feed types)
The feed URL (usually you shouldn't changed this unless you went for Enter URL manually
Download Directory
The SD card directory to place downloaded episodes in (can only be changed the first time)
Enter tags for the feed
Select a rating for the feed, this can be used to sort the feed list so you favourite feeds are at the top
Auto Update options: (Update on power/WIFI is in Settings)
- Check the box to allow the feed to update automatically.
- Set the update frequency using the select box.
- Set the max items to load in a feed (this is useful for saving power when the feed has a lot of entries) (this setting also applies for a manual load).
- Select reverse order for feed that have new entries at the end instead of the top.
Auto download options:
- Check the box to enable auto downloads.
- Select the number of episodes that can be on the disk at once (keep all - means they will only be cleared by the download).
- Check the wifi/power options to limit downloading as required.
- Check automatically add to playlist.

Here you can enter a username and password for paid podcast content (generally for paid podcasts)

This triggers a feed check

This cancels the edit - you will be prompted to discard changes

Save the feed

Known issues
1. Sometimes if there is network problems RSS feeds will display as websites - this is because the RSS get partially downloaded and cant be parsed. So the app assumes isn't an RSS feed and the default is a website().
Solution: check your network connection and hit 'check feed' again, everything should correct itself.
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